Nasal filters | SinuSet

LEM Srl. Is a young italian company, founded by Emilio Talmon’s family of entrepreneurs from the ladin valleys, who believed in the “SinuSet” project with the support of a highly prefessional team for the production site and of a sales and marketing group for research and development, all “made in Italy”.

Our story

While watching a television programme about how air pollution invaded chinese cities in 2011, Emilio Talmon came up with an idea which was simpler than the protection masks worn by chinese city people. He started by cutting out the nostril shapes from a mask to insert in the nose, which he then connected together with a small metal thread, making them one piece; he susbsequently and swiftly prototyped the current plastic arch which connects the filtering parts, cutting the final shape so to make it almost invisible and extremely easy to use.

For a few years after the idea was spread around Europe and other important countries around the world, the prototype was kept in the drawer as Emilio didn’t think what he created was good enough to improve people’s well being; but once he started noticing similar products being launched on the market, he decid to start the nasal filter production and marketing processes.