What are allergies and what does our body do to react to them?

Nothing goes through our body undetected: our immune system is our most powerful health guardian, ready to alert us at anytime

An allergy is our body’s way to respond to what it recognises as a threat; our immune system is a powerful guardian, detecting foreign bodies like dust or bacteria, food and drinks substances, cosmetics or medications as ‘allergens’.

An allergen is a substance that can cause a reaction and although many allergens are harmless, some are treated by the system as pathogens, which are potentially harmful foreign bodies.

When this happens, our system immediately releases histamine; this results in a clogged or runny nose, sneezing and sore eyes, coughing and sore throat when allergens like pollens pass through the nostrils.
Some people can experience serious reactions like inflammation, severe swelling and breathing difficulties.
Our system responds according to the seriousness of the health threat detected.

We all know how stuffy nose at night can disturb our sleep and impact our daily life, so what can we do to alleviate the symptoms of allergies? How do we get rid of a congested nose?
Exposure to allergens should always be avoided and your doctor can advise you on the appropriate drugs and treatments for nose congestion or inflammation, sore eyes, sneezing of cough.

Airborne allergens such as smoke, pollens, moulds or mites are usually what causes a stuffy nose and unfortunately are not always avoidable, this is when SinuSet nasal filters can help

SinuSet are small and easy to use nose filters which are inserted through the nostrils and shield you from airborne substances without the use of drugs.
They are small, discreet and easy to use for both adults and children

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