Polluting atmospheres: we need to cleanse the air we breathe

We know pollution is on the increase and despite efforts to curb its effects, it still has a massive impact on the environment; so what can we do?

Industrialisation and forever evolving modern life take their toll especially in large urban areas, where sources of pollution like dense road traffic, domestic and commercial heating, industrial waste and garbage are concentrated.

Air pollution extends much further afield affecting our countrysides, while toxic waste in our waters reaches rivers and oceans.

The use of fossil fuels and gas emissions into the ozone layer are one of the biggest contributors of global warming, not only damaging our ecosystems, but our health too.

All these factors combined result in polluting atmospheres.
Our immune system is constantly challenged by the presence of unnatural substances deriving from poor air and water quality, industrialised agriculture, mass produced foods.

The statistics speak clearly: asthma and allergies are on the rise, as are skin irritations and more serious diseases such as respiratory issues and lung cancer, genetic alteration and birth defects, all results of polluting atmospheres.

Types of pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulphur, lead and carbons are heavily present in our environment and their harmful particles linger in the air we breathe for a very long time, substances which can be absorbed through the skin and our lungs.

These are the daily hazards we must fight to protect ourselves and the health of the most vulnerable like children and the elderly; it is essential to take care of the air we breathe.

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