Nasal filters | SinuSet

Sinuset® nasal filter has been designed and created with certified materials which eliminate the symptoms of seasonal allergies and flu, protect from industrial dust and smog and improve the immune system and the quality of sleeping (sleep apnea remedy).

Two sizes

SinuSet nasal filter is currently manufactured and marketed in two sizes, Small and Large, according to the external measures of the filtering material used. For a small to normal nose the Small size is recommended, or Large for a bigger nose.

How nasal filter is made

The main part of SinuSet nasal filter is the innovative filtering material, spacially created to trap and repell micro pollutants present in the atmosphere (nitric oxide, ozone, airborne organic compounds), pollens (from wild grasses and trees such as olive, beech, birch, hazel, cypress or from herbaceous plants like pellitory, wormwood, ragweed and plantain) and other common antigens (dust mites, or better, their airborne droppings; domestic animals, which hairs carry allergens contained in their saliva and urine; the inhaling of mould spores in damp environments), keeping them inside the fibrous structure preventing them from being released inside our body.

How to use it correctly

To apply SinuSet nasal filter simply insert the two material made ends in each nostril, paying attention to put in the narrower part on the frontal side of the nose. The connecting arch pushes both filters inside into position, to be removed after use.


Why use it

The main function of SinuSet nasal filter is to reduce and in some cases completely avoid breathing in allergens and fine dusts, normally found in the atmosphere. Its colour and shape makes it almost invisible from the outside and imperceptible inside the nose thanks to its non invasive and very comfortable build, for differently shaped noses. It can be comfortably worn all day around the house, office, during any professional and physical activity, allowing you to breathe and speak normally.

Alleviates allergic reactions

In addition to dietary adjustments, SinuSet nasal filter can relieve allergy symptoms

Curbs seasonal flu

Using SinuSet nasal filter prevents from breathing in the bacteria which carries flu viruses.

Strengthens the immune system

SinuSet nasal filter helps protect our body from breathing in bacteria, spores and pollen to keep our immune defences strong.

Improve sleep quality

Using SinuSet nasal filter allows good air flow through the nose and improves breathing for the health of the whole body.

Reduces exposure to fine dust

SinuSet nasal filter can absorb and retain airborne polluting substance molecules thus reducing the the concentration of disease-carrying bacteria.

Reusable: SinuSet nasal filter can be reused several times according to environment type of usage time. The space on the left of the pack is where the filters can be stored for later use and it is completely separate from the rest of the box which contains the unused filters.

Made in Italy: Lem Srl is the italian company which reserves all rights of patent use, production and sale of SinuSet nasal filter in Europe and the countries where the trademark is registered.

Sterilization : This is done throughout the production and packaging processes to guarantee cleaning and sanitizing on all our nasal filters.

Patented: SinuSet nasal filter is currently a registered trademark in the following countries: Italy – Australia – Austria – Brasil – Canada – France – Germany – United Kingdom – Ireland – Russian Federation – Spain – Switzrland – USA – India – Taiwan – Japan.

Certified: Filtering material certified by DMT GmbH & Co. KG.