Personal data contoller
Any personal data collected from identifed or identifiable individuals visiting our website is controlled by LEM SRL – Streda de Pareda, 54 – 38032 Canazei (Trento)

Location and purpose of data processing
Any data collected is processed at LEM SRL Via Malta, 14 – 35016 Piazzola sul Brenta (Padova) Italia and is handled only by LEM SRL authorised technical staff. Data is collected for records purposes and stored on the company’s digital archives, access to which is limited to appropriate maintenance procedures.

No online data collected is shared with or distributed to third parties Users’ personal data is only used for required services and will not be distributed to third parties unless
required by law or when necessary to fulfil user requests.

Types of data processed Browising data
Our webisite IT systems and software collect some personal data during normal operations and distribute it according to standard internet communication protocols. Any information gathered is not to associated to identified individuals but used for identification purposes only and as such, when collected by third party processes, used for user verification. Data collected include IP address, visitors’ computer dominion, requested resources URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier), time of request, server request protocol, size of response file, server response status code (succesful, error…) and other parameters relative to users’ IT environment and operating system. Data collected is used for anonymous site usage statistics only and to
monitor its correct functionality; data is deleted immediately after processing. In the event of possible site misuse or cyber crime data collected could be used for accountability purposes only.

Data provided directly by users
Email adresses and personal data included in email correspondence are recorded upon direct, explicit and voluntary email communication with our website email addresses and upon use of online contact form for necessary communication and requests response.

No user data is collected by our website. We do not use cookies to distribute any personal information nor we use c.d. persistent cookies, such as user tracking systems, of any kind.

Optional data contribution
Besides what stated with regards to website usage, users are free to provide their personal data in order to purchase online services we provide. Failure to supply requested information may result in users being unable to obtain the requested service or product.

Data processing procedure
Personal data processing uses an IT automated data collection system in the necessary time frame. Special safety measures are followed in order to prevent any loss of, illecit or wrong use of and any unauthorised access to data.

Rights of users
Users data refers to have the right as stated in article 7 of the Privacy Code which amongst others resrves the users the right to know what data is present on our website and the right to cancel, correct and update of said data, by contacting our Personal Data Controller Emilio Talmon directly at LEM SRL email address: info@sinuset.it