When you get your nose clogged by allergies it can be a nuisance, here are some tips

There is an array of home remedies and medical treatments to unblock your nose and get relief from the irritation of a congestion

The most irritating symptom of a common allergic reaction is when you get your nose clogged: a bunged up feeling, which makes breathing difficult and sleeping uncomfortable; nasal congestion can cause pressure around the face and head, painful at times.

Why does it happen? When airborne allergens such as pollen, dust, smoke, traffic pollution, mould spores and mites enter our nasal passages and they are indentified by the immune system as a threat to our health, our body responds by releasing histamine; this causes our nasal membranes to become inflamed, as the blood flow to this area increases. The sinuses, which are air cavities around the nose become sore and this inflammation actually narrows our nasal passages and obstructs the normai air flow inside the nose.

Sinus pressure can build up and cause discomfort as well as pain around the face and head.

To relieve the pressure of nose clogged, a simple traditional method is a warm  compress which is a towel soeaked in hot water applied to your nose and forehead; pressure is diminished by the warmth and inflammation in the nose reduced.

Warmth and steam from a hot shower or a humidifier also provide some relief for they thin excess mucus out and help with inflammation.

Another old method is to drain your sinuses out with a saline wash or a neti pot, a specially made nose flush pot, used in traditional natural medicine.

In medical terms decongestant sprays are available from your doctor or pharmacist, though side effects and dependency are likely so long term use is not advisable.

When you get your nose clogged by allergies, the best solution is prevention; you can use nasal filters to shield your nostrils from unwanted airborne allergens and avoid a stuffy nose without medications. See how SinuSet filter can help you breathe freely and congestion-free!