Allergy is our body’s way of responding to what it recognizes as a threat. Our immune system is a powerful guard that detects foreign bodies such as dust or bacteria, food and beverage substances, cosmetics or even some drugs, as “allergens”. An allergen is a substance that can cause an immune reaction and although most … Continue reading

Evaluation of the potential relationship between Particulate Matter (PM) pollution and COVID-19 infection spread in Italy

INTRODUCTION To date, several scientificstudies focused on viruses diffusion among humans demonstrated that increased incidence of infection is related to airborne particulate matter (PM) concentration levels[1,2]. It is known that PM fractions (e.g., PM2.5 and PM10) serve as carrier for several chemical and biologic pollutants, viruses included. Viruses may be adsorbed through coagulation onto particulate … Continue reading

New Research Links Air Pollution to Higher Coronavirus Death Rates

WASHINGTON — Coronavirus patients in areas that had high levels of air pollution before the pandemic are more likely to die from the infection than patients in cleaner parts of the country, according to a new nationwide study that offers the first clear link between long-term exposure to pollution and Covid-19 death rates. In an … Continue reading

Air pollution linked to far higher Covid-19 death rates, study finds

Dirty air increases risk of respiratory problems that can be fatal for coronavirus patients Air pollution is linked to significantly higher rates of death in people with Covid-19, according to analysis. The work shows that even a tiny, single-unit increase in particle pollution levels in the years before the pandemic is associated with a 15% … Continue reading

Everyone gets a stuffy nose but why does it happen?

Come rain or shine, something always gets up your nose and cloggs it: what happens when you get congested   You feel blocked up, breathing through your nose is a challenge and despite the efforts of blowing it repeatedly, nothing comes out; the familiar nuisance of a stuffy nose. We usually associate this bunged up … Continue reading

How to stop a blocked nose?

Knowing the causes of a stuffy nose can help you choose the best solution to clear blockage and breathe freely again A familiar feeling which gets right up your nose: nose congestion is irritating for anyone.   How to stop a blocked nose? Symptoms are usually excess mucus or runny nose, normally the result of … Continue reading