Nose filters are an excellent solution to keep allergies at bay and breathe freely

When allergens get up your nose, you can prevent indoor and outdoor air pollution from causing allergic reaction safely and without the use of medicines.

Those who suffer the nuisance of allergy symptoms like nasal congestion, sore eyes and itchy throat know their number one enemy is the variety of airborne allergens such as pollen, smoke, traffic pollution, mould spores and mites.

When these substances are identified by the immune system as threat to our health, the body’s first defense is to release histamine and the result is an irritating allergic reaction.

The most irritating of all is a stuffy nose and sneezing, often accompanied by sore and watery eyes and a irritated throat.

When exposure to such irritants is unavoidable we often resort to anti histamine drugs or decongestant nasal sprays; the problem with these is that they too often come with side effects like drowsiness and long term use results in a sort of dependancy as our immune system relies more and more to medicines and can become weaker.

Nose filters are a safer and drug-free solution and that is to use SinuSet nasal filters; these are a medically proven device made of a filtlering material mounted on a plastic arch which is worn inside the nostrils. They work by filtering the air we breathe through the nose to reduce the amount of allergens we inhale. Nose filters are virtually defense nasal screens which keep allergens such as pollen and dust and smoke at bay.

What’s more, nose filters can prevent allergic reactions from extending to our eyes and throat.

Feel free to enjoy fresh air and outdoors activities again with SinuSet, see the nose filters full product information and breathe freely again!