A nose filter can improve simptoms of allergies and offer relief in a safe and comfortable way

Amongst the many methods of treating allergies, a revolutionary little device which frees your nose from congestion and from the use of medications

Allergy sufferers all over the planet dread the arrival of spring when enjoying fresh air and outdoors activities is synonym of a constantly runny nose, sneezing, sore and watery eyes, itchy throat and coughing.

And it mostly gets up your nose: pollen, fine dusts, traffic pollution, mites and spores can all hit our nasal passages. Our body’s first defense is to release histamine, which in turn inflames nasal membranes, increases the production of mucus and obstructs normal breathing. The inflammation can extend to our eyes casing conjunctvitis and to our throat and lungs, in some cases it can trigger asthma.

Medical help is available with or without prescription and there is now a huge variety of anti allergy drugs, though some can present side effects like drowsiness and long term use can result in a weakening of our own defenses as our body becomes more and more reliant on medications, so they’re not always great for our health.

A revolutionary new product acts as super defense against airborne allergens and the use of medicines, a nasal filter from SinuSet.

The nose filter is made by a small plastic arch, covered by a filtering membrane.

Nasal filters are worn through the nostrils and are very discreet; they reduce the intake of allergens through the nose by filtering the air we inhale.
SinuSet use a patented specialised filtering material, medically proven against allergens, this significantly reduces symptoms like runny nose and sneezing. And it doesn’t stop here, for the benefit of using a nose filter can extend to the eyes and throat.

Some studies found that a nose filter reduces runny nose by half and itching by a third; itchiness of the throat by as much as three quarters!

What’s more, nasal filters are safe for long term use, have no side effects and are very comfortable and easy to wear. SinuSet filter come sin two sizes, small and large, to fit all size nostrils, even children’s.